The base for all of our technology and record keeping is our easy to use web platform. Here all your records are stored safe and secure with all of the information you could want on your operation from finances to feed and herd health to animal details.

With your subscription also comes a dedicated advisor that will schedule regular visits to your farm to talk through any opportunity to progress your herd and understand the data now at your disposal.

For quick on the go records or those that prefer a pen and paper we also offer custom record binders for your farm.

The first major technology that we are offering to our producers which works in conjunction with our record system is an automatic weight attachment.


This attachment goes between a skid loader or tractor and your bucket or bale spear and automatically measures the weight of each anything you have on the bucket / spear. We also utilize GPS to pinpoint the area where each “weight” was picked from and placed. This allows us to map commodity areas and track the weight and usage of all of the feed that you use on your farm and which group of animals it is fed to.


For example, say we are feeding your group of heifers a hay bale. Our system registers that we entered the “hay bale” location on your farm and picked up a bale, then we see we unloaded the bale where the heifer group is currently at. At the same time the attachment associates the weight to that bale and send it to the online platform. This lets us keep an accurate feeding and inventory record while also allowing us to determine how we are stacking up to dietary requirements for our animals.

We also offer an easy method of viewing records in your farms database while you are out and about on the farm.


Our Data Accesspoint allows you to pull up specific information about your operation by simply taping your cell phone onto the respective tile that you are looking for information on.


Looking to see which heifer calf you gave that shot to last week? Simply put your phone on the medical tile and pull up the information on the shots you’ve given in the last two weeks. No more guessing or running back to the house to check, just streamlined to get you the information you need right now.