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Why CattleTEC?

We believe that building the cattle industry for the future begins with helping farmers identify opportunities today.

Our mission is to increase the number of profitable years for hard working men and women in any way that we can. Being a cattle producer I know first hand the frustration and uncertainty and have set out to eliminate that with our existing product line and extensive R&D efforts.

                                     - Alex Irlbeck,  Founder


Irlbeck Family Farms

Our Founder recently pitched in the Iowa State Fair Pitch Contest and won the Applied Technology and Innovation award from a field of 170 businesses.

Listen to his pitch here to get a better idea of what we do, why we do it, and the technology behind our business.


Custom built record keeping systems tailored to each farmer's individualized needs

Seize every opportunity to minimize cost and maximize profit

Complete control of your data in an easy to use online or offline platform

All your data in one location, no more digging through notebooks or spreadsheets

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The first step to a completely automated record keeping system

Track bale usage from the skid loader or tractor cab with minimal additional time or labor

Information remotely pushes to the cloud and updates bale inventory

Pick out trends and more effectively manage resources


CattleTEC ... Taking control of your herd's tomorrow, today


Contact Information

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Alex Irlbeck

Founder, Owner