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Why CattleTEC?

We believe that building the cattle industry for the future begins with helping farmers identify opportunities today.

Our mission is to increase the number of profitable years for hard working men and women in any way that we can. Being a cattle producer, I know first hand the frustration and uncertainty and have set out to eliminate that with our existing product line and extensive R&D efforts.

                                     - Alex Irlbeck,  Founder


Irlbeck Family Farms

Raising cattle is tough work.

Any advantage or opportunity you can get can be a lifesaver for your operation.

The only thing you can never make more of is time.


And to a rancher that is one thing there never seems to be enough of.

Simple is better.

We are an industry built on simple. Do the right things, work hard, and leave everything better than we found it

Agree? CattleTEC aims to help

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What is CattleTEC?

In agriculture today, knowledge and data are extremely powerful and drive every decision that is made in businesses across the country.

Recently we have also seen smart farming grow wildly in popularity across the crop production industry.

CattleTEC is here to bring this to the cow / calf industry and help to grow the businesses of cattle producers across the country

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CatteTEC at it's core is an online record keeping platform for cow / calf producers to view all of the information from their farm including equipment usage, feed usage and inventory, financial outlook and so much more... but there is a twist

Farmer's work hard for their money, the last thing you want to do is keep grueling records on the events of each day. And that's on a good day, much less in the middle of calving season where even sleep takes a back seat to your commitment to your herd

So what if we could make the farm work as hard as you do??

That is where CattleTEC comes in.

We are currently working with select farms to test out a number of products that attach to the equipment you use everyday and track key information for you. Taking the record taking out of information and giving you extremely valuable information without using your time.

These products allow us to track a variety of information for the farmer including:

  • Feed usage and inventory

  • Feed weights and feeding location

  • Machine performance and fuel usage

  • General herd information and records

  • Profit / loss and financial information

  • and so much more

All requiring minimal to no interaction from the farmer. Simply log in and you can see the amount of bales you have feed this year to date, how many hours you've put on your skidloader, what that has cost you in diesel and much more.


CattleTEC ... Taking control of your herd's tomorrow, today


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Alex Irlbeck

Founder, Owner