Ready to take control of your herd's future?


The ability to automatically monitor the weight and health of each cow and calf in your herd in real time brings ground breaking new data to your hands 


Compare productivity and performance on a per head basis, allowing for easy selection of both high and low performing cattle


No more guessing or struggling to remember old information, let CattleTEC become your road map to success without adding to your workload




Our Mission

"Growing up on a cow / calf farm in western Iowa, it seemed as though there was one question we were always asking ourselves ... how do we improve our herd? The answer for me was to begin keeping better records. After all, you can't change anything you aren't tracking. Thus CattleTEC was born.

CattleTEC aims to increase the profitability of every cow / calf operation it comes into contact with. By automating the data recording process the goal is to bring information previously unavailable or too time consuming to attain into the hands of farmers. With this information, the limits are endless for the growth of each herd and the industry as a whole."

                                                      - Alex Irlbeck, Founder


Irlbeck Family Farms


The TECnology

CattleTEC uses an online database to store all of the information for each animal in your herd. Login from anywhere to quickly and easily view the information critical to every decision.

Our platform allows the farmer to sort and view different information based off of each farms unique situation.


Numerous other features and tracked metrics are also included:

  • Animal health tracking

  • Resource management

  • Breeding records

  • Current rations and generation

  • Financial records

  • Calving records

  • Recent weather patterns and predictions

  • Calendar of upcoming events 

  • And many more to come

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In order to track key metrics of each animal in your herd, CattleTEC utilizes RFID and computer vision technologies.


These technologies enable us to track information in real time relating to animal weight, health, and a variety of other characteristics. These technologies also allow CattleTEC to monitor key resources for your herd such as hay and pasture management. 

In today's cow / calf industry it is important to focus on what you can control which is where the management of each animal and resources available becomes so critical to the bottomline. We can't change the weather or the markets butr we can increase the efficiency and more effectively manage our herds and land.


CattleTEC ... Taking control of your herd's tomorrow, today


Contact Information

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Alex Irlbeck

Founder, Owner